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Yale KEL Parts Bottom Block Assemblies

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1. Find your part in the figure.
2. Match the figure number with the parts list below the figure, and add to cart. Call if you have any questions.

Figure #SKUDescriptionNotes# ReqPrice 
0Y642539200Bottom Block Assembly 1/2 Ton Complete Bottom Block Assy- Std. Hook, 1$260.24Add to Cart
Y642541200Bottom Block Assembly 1/2 ton Bottom Block Assy - Bronze Hook, 1$608.91Add to Cart
Y642543200Bottom Block Assembly 1/2 Ton Bottom Block Assy. - Bullard Hook, 1$796.11Add to Cart
Y642596200Bottom Block Assembly 1 Ton Bottom Block Assy - Std. Hook, 1$1,476.86Add to Cart
Y642598200Bottom Block Assembly 1 ton Bottom Block Assy. - Bronze Hook, 1$1,563.05Add to Cart
Y642600200Bottom Block Assembly 1 Ton Bottom Block Assy - Bullard Hook, 1$809.85Add to Cart
1Y642895100Socket Head Screw 1/2 Ton - For all hooks, 1$2.93Add to Cart
Y642896100Socket Head Screw 1 Ton- For All Hooks, 1$5.07Add to Cart
2Y642017100Block Half 1/2 Ton - For all hooks, 2$11.67Add to Cart
Y642039100Block Half 1 Ton -For all Hooks, 2$14.41Add to Cart
3Y015015200Locknut 1/2 Ton - For all hooks, 1$0.54Add to Cart
Y015015300Locknut 1 ton - For all hooks, 1$0.80Add to Cart
4Y10214210Slotted Nut 1/2 Ton - For Std Hooks & Bullard Hook, 1$0.55Add to Cart
Y065267300Slotted Nut 1 Ton- For Std. Bronze & Bullard, 1$2.69Add to Cart
Y1066300Slotted Nut 1/2 Ton - For Bronze Hook, 1$3.97Add to Cart
5Y015122100Thurst Bearing 1/2 Ton - For all hooks, 1$8.49Add to Cart
6Y059989100Roll Pin 1/2 Ton - For Std & Bronze & Bullard , 1$0.49Add to Cart
Y500409902Roll Pin 1 Ton - For Std. Bronze & Bullard, 1$1.74Add to Cart
7Y066940000Latch Kit 1/2 Ton - For Std. Hook, 1$7.40Add to Cart
Y066940200Latch Kit 1 Ton - for Std. Hook, 1$17.11Add to Cart
Y646255800Latch Kit 1/2 Ton - For Bronze Hook, 1$12.68Add to Cart
8Y642540200Hook Asm 1/2 Ton - For Std.Bronze & Bullard, 1$225.79Add to Cart
Y642542200Hook Asm 1/2 Ton - For Bronze Hook, 1$566.62Add to Cart
Y642595202Hook Asm 1 ton - For Std. Hook, 1$1,073.28Add to Cart
Y642599200Hook Asm 1 ton - for Bullard Hook, 1$698.50Add to Cart
9Y645670100Retainer Band 1/2 Ton - For Std. Hook, 1$23.21Add to Cart
Y645671100Retainer Band 1 Ton - for Std, Bronze & Bullard Hook, 1$32.29Add to Cart