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Cable King Geared Limit Switch Standard and Explosion Proof Units 2

(Click image to Zoom and Pan) Download Image
1. Find your part in the figure.
2. Match the figure number with the parts list below the figure, and add to cart. Call if you have any questions.

Figure #SKUDescriptionNotes# ReqPrice 
1LT10170501Contact Unit (1 NO - 1 NC)  1$60.00Add to Cart
Y649222102Contact Unit (1 NC)  1$225.08Add to Cart
2Y649222103CAM (Standard)  1$206.30Add to Cart
Y649222104CAM (45 Dwell)  1CALL FOR PRICE
4Y649222105Roller For CAM  1$8.82Add to Cart
5Y649222106Pinion and Bracket  1CALL FOR PRICE
6Y649222107Insulator  1CALL FOR PRICE
7Y649222108Clamping Plate  1CALL FOR PRICE
8Y649222109Spacer Washer  1$18.00Add to Cart
9Y649222110Spring Washer  1CALL FOR PRICE
10Y649222111Clutch Disc  1CALL FOR PRICE
11Y649222112Retainer Washer  1CALL FOR PRICE