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Cable King Drive Units Parts TR Series

(Click image to Zoom and Pan) Download Image
1. Find your part in the figure.
2. Match the figure number with the parts list below the figure, and add to cart. Call if you have any questions.

Figure #SKUDescriptionNotes# ReqPrice 
1Y647047100Gearcase (Motor Side)  1$1,155.33Add to Cart
2Y647055100Gasket  1$18.24Add to Cart
4Y647048100Gearcase (Brake Side)  1$1,266.02Add to Cart
5Y643317800Ball Bearing  5CALL FOR PRICE
7Y641938100Spacer  8CALL FOR PRICE
8Y647043100Shaft  2$84.62Add to Cart
10Y647042100Bushing  1$252.31Add to Cart
11Y500505905Bearing  2CALL FOR PRICE
12Y647050101Spacer  1CALL FOR PRICE
13Y647046100Output Gear  1$759.83Add to Cart
14Y647059100Seal (Output Shaft)  1$77.98Add to Cart
15Y647059100Seal (Output Shaft)  2$77.98Add to Cart
16Y027773200Seal (Motor Side)  1$11.34Add to Cart
17Y647211100Vent Plug  1$47.28Add to Cart
18LT10398604Nut 3/8 - 16  8$1.26Add to Cart
19LT1951Washer  8$0.92Add to Cart
20Y023806800Dowel Pin  2$1.16Add to Cart
21Y057048200Screw 3/8 - 16 x 1  8$0.50Add to Cart
22Y647058100Shaft (Used On Component No. 6432692___)  1$22.65Add to Cart
24Y502117903Drain Plug  3CALL FOR PRICE
25Y647045101Intermediate Pinion  1$323.18Add to Cart