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Cable King DEWX Gearing and Load Brake

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1. Find your part in the figure.
2. Match the figure number with the parts list below the figure, and add to cart. Call if you have any questions.

Figure #SKUDescriptionNotes# ReqPrice 
1Y201638000Bearing  1$43.34Add to Cart
2Y640032907Rivet  4$0.18Add to Cart
3Y641012300Face Gear  1$10.25Add to Cart
4Y645072101Intermediate Gear and Pinion (65 Teeth)  1$3,774.16Add to Cart
Y645072102Intermediate Gear and Pinion (70 Teeth)  1CALL FOR PRICE
5Y057380400Bearing  1$142.40Add to Cart
6Y640089904Seal  1$62.83Add to Cart
7Y015119700Bearing  1$50.56Add to Cart
8Y643408103Oil Slinger  1$16.34Add to Cart
9Y643760101Driving Pinion (15 Teeth)  1$1,097.41Add to Cart
Y643760102Driving Pinion (18 Teeth)  1$1,471.72Add to Cart
Y643760103Driving Pinion (19 Teeth)  1$1,250.54Add to Cart
10 Y500186908Snap Ring  1$18.15Add to Cart
11Y643775100Slow Speed Gear  1$2,052.98Add to Cart
12Y501851905Bearing  1$602.68Add to Cart
13Y643759100Output Shaft  1$772.11Add to Cart
14Y030426800Seal  1$14.87Add to Cart
15Y640162901Bearing  1$190.92Add to Cart
16Y500186908Snap Ring  1$18.15Add to Cart
17Y502463907Seal  1$19.75Add to Cart
18Y644246800Bearing Driving Pinion  1$53.47Add to Cart
19Y640046913Snap Ring  1CALL FOR PRICE
20Y649640100Yoke  1CALL FOR PRICE
22Y010672000Slotted Nut 1-1/2 - 12  1$76.75Add to Cart
23Y010282700Cotter Pin 7/32 - 2-1/2  1$3.48Add to Cart
24Y201638000Bearing  1$43.34Add to Cart
25Y641140100Spacer (STD)  1$80.94Add to Cart
25AY644153104Spacer (W/O Load Brake)  1CALL FOR PRICE
26Y642319600High Speed Gear (STD) (78 Teeth)  1$2,161.77Add to Cart
Y643999400High Speed Gear (STD) (81 Teeth)  1$2,283.02Add to Cart
Y644141100High Speed Gear (STD) (77 Teeth)  1CALL FOR PRICE
26AY644516101High Speed Gear (W/O Load Brake) (81 Teeth)  1CALL FOR PRICE
Y644516102High Speed Gear (W/O Load Brake) (78 Teeth)  1CALL FOR PRICE
Y644516103High Speed Gear (W/O Load Brake) (77 Teeth)  1$3,959.17Add to Cart
27Y643233300Ratchet With Lining (STD)  1$1,160.96Add to Cart
27AY647500100Ratchet With Lining (Heavy Duty Load Brake)  1CALL FOR PRICE
28Y644001400Ratchet Disc (STD)  1$724.16Add to Cart
28AY647478100Ratchet Disc (Heavy Duty Load Brake)  1CALL FOR PRICE
29Y010459800Intermediate Pinion (STD) (12 Teeth)  1$580.06Add to Cart
Y010461200Intermediate Pinion (STD) (17 Teeth)  1$963.63Add to Cart
29AY644519100Intermediate Pinion (W/O Load Brake) (12 Teeth)  1$3,268.85Add to Cart
Y644520101Intermediate Pinion (W/O Load Brake) (17 Teeth)  1CALL FOR PRICE
30Y054586100Bearing  1$27.04Add to Cart
31Y643480100Gearcase Cover  1$2,783.37Add to Cart
32Y023082500Pipe Plug  1$1.94Add to Cart
33Y023080800Drain Plug  1$2.25Add to Cart
34Y010682300Pawl  1$418.43Add to Cart
35Y011058900Pawl Stop Spring  1$2.55Add to Cart
36Y010694200Pawl Pin  1$39.81Add to Cart
37Y011059000Pawl Spring  1$11.17Add to Cart
38Y010799800Pawl Spring Retainer  2$47.24Add to Cart
39Y643405100Gearcase  1$2,891.25Add to Cart
40Y010718200Vent Plug  1$8.20Add to Cart
41Y644046100Inspection Cover Gasket  1$5.77Add to Cart
42Y644047100Inspection Cover  1$613.70Add to Cart
43Y011653200Dowel Bolt  2$44.89Add to Cart
44Y010091500Bearing  1$143.18Add to Cart
45Y501989912Snap Ring  2$19.30Add to Cart
46Y057699900Bolt 5/8 - 11 x 2-1/4  2$4.05Add to Cart
47Y057048300Bolt 5/8 - 11 x 1-3/4  6$7.22Add to Cart
48LT10404503Lockwasher 5/8 Med  10$1.32Add to Cart
49Y014937400Nut 5/8 - 11  4$2.10Add to Cart
50Y062151100Bolt 1/4 - 20 x 12  4CALL FOR PRICE
51LT8641Lockwasher 1/4 In.  4$1.18Add to Cart
52Y015027000Lockwasher  4CALL FOR PRICE
53Y203157900Hex Screw 3/4-10  4$4.49Add to Cart
54LT10575516Liquid Gasket (Not Shown)  1$80.78Add to Cart