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Cable King Standard Headroom Upper Plugging Limit Switch

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1. Find your part in the figure.
2. Match the figure number with the parts list below the figure, and add to cart. Call if you have any questions.

Figure #SKUDescriptionNotes# ReqPrice 
1Y144970800Nut 1/2  2CALL FOR PRICE
3Y015025800Lockwasher  2CALL FOR PRICE
4Y014876800R. H. Screw 10 - 32  2$3.84Add to Cart
6LT10264647 Socket Screw 10.32 x 3/8  1$0.69Add to Cart
7Y065625500Socket Screw 10.32 x 5/8  1$0.98Add to Cart
9Y059149700S. Hook  1$1.23Add to Cart
10Y645022179Control Chain  1$11.36Add to Cart
11y011652600L. S. Weight Pin  2$1.61Add to Cart
12Y649535100L. S. Weight  2$90.38Add to Cart
13Y010948400R. H. Screw 1/4 . 20 x 1-3/4  2$0.12Add to Cart
14LT8641Lockwasher 1/4 In.  2$1.18Add to Cart
15Y014970700Jam Nut 1/4 . 20  2CALL FOR PRICE
16Y055485000Screws 1/2 . 13 x 1-1/4  2$1.61Add to Cart
17LT10404501Lockwasher, 1/2 Med. (Not Shown)  2$1.12Add to Cart