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Brake and Solenoid

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1. Find your part in the figure.
2. Match the figure number with the parts list below the figure, and add to cart. Call if you have any questions.

Figure #SKUDescriptionNotes# ReqPrice 
1DN854JL1Disc Brake Assembly 1/4 hp, 115V*, 1$311.63Add to Cart
DN854JL10Disc Brake Assembly 1/4 hp, 575V, 1$378.11Add to Cart
DN854JL11Disc Brake Assembly 1/2 hp, 575V, 1$488.21Add to Cart
DN854JL12Disc Brake Assembly 1 hp, 575V, 1$590.28Add to Cart
DN854JL13Disc Brake Assembly 1/4 hp, 208V, 1$382.27Add to Cart
DN854JL14Disc Brake Assembly 1/2 hp, 208V, 1$498.60Add to Cart
DN854JL15Disc Brake Assembly 1 hp, 208V, 1$592.09Add to Cart
DN854JL16Disc Brake Assembly 1/4 hp, 380V, 1$382.27Add to Cart
DN854JL17Disc Brake Assembly 1/2 hp, 380V, 1$498.60Add to Cart
DN854JL18Disc Brake Assembly 1 hp, 380V, 1$592.09Add to Cart
DN854JL2Disc Brake Assembly 1/2 hp, 115V*, 1$436.30Add to Cart
DN854JL3Disc Brake Assembly 1 hp, 115V*, 1$540.97Add to Cart
DN854JL4Disc Brake Assembly 1/4 hp, 230V*, 1$311.63Add to Cart
DN854JL5Disc Brake Assembly 1/2 hp, 230V*, 1$436.30Add to Cart
DN854JL6Disc Brake Assembly 1 hp, 230V*, 1$557.84Add to Cart
DN854JL7Disc Brake Assembly 1/4 hp, 460V, 1$373.94Add to Cart
DN854JL8Disc Brake Assembly 1/2 hp, 460V, 1$477.83Add to Cart
DN854JL9Disc Brake Assembly 1 hp, 460V, 1$584.00Add to Cart
2DNJF859APlate and Stud Assembly All Models1$37.42Add to Cart
3DN581J1ABrake Disc 1/4 HP, 3$14.89Add to Cart
4DNJF291Brake Plate for 1/4 HP, 2$14.69Add to Cart
5DNJF858Plate and Armature Assembly All Models1$88.76Add to Cart
6DN344J6Spring All Models3$1.33Add to Cart
7DNJF710Retainer All Models1$3.28Add to Cart
8DNJF857Plate and Frame Assembly All Models1$160.80Add to Cart
9DN853JL1Brake Coil 115V*, 1$62.02Add to Cart
DN853JL2Brake Coil 230V*, 1$62.92Add to Cart
DN853JL3Brake Coil 460V, 1$79.88Add to Cart
DN853JL4Brake Coil 575V, 1$110.79Add to Cart
DN853JL5Brake Coil 208V, 1$87.88Add to Cart
DN853JL6Brake Coil 380V, 1$100.77Add to Cart
DN853JL7Brake Coil 415V, 1$102.86Add to Cart
10DNH3978Locknut All Models3$2.04Add to Cart
11DNJL142Brake Adapter All Models1$93.73Add to Cart
12DNH2976PScrew All Models2$0.56Add to Cart
13DNH5501Retaining Ring All Models2$0.56Add to Cart
14DN860J1Shading Coil All Models2$2.15Add to Cart
DNH7812Shading Coil Adhesive All Models2$10.34Add to Cart
15DN141J2Spacer for 1/2 HP, 3$4.94Add to Cart
DNJL141Spacer for 1/4 HP, 3$9.76Add to Cart