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Yale Shop Hoist Parts

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1. Find your part in the figure.
2. Match the figure number with the parts list below the figure, and add to cart. Call if you have any questions.

Figure #SKUDescriptionNotes# ReqPrice 
620-100CM20328Stator 220-1-50 Hoists1$233.27Add to Cart
CM20329Stator 220-3-50/60 Hoists1$223.43Add to Cart
CM20330Stator 380-3-50, 415-3-50 and 460-3-60 Hoists1$419.85Add to Cart
CM20344Stator 575-3-60 Hoists1$473.39Add to Cart
CM20707Stator 115-1-50/60 Hoists1$197.38Add to Cart
620-101CM20651Rotor Assembly (Includes 620-102 and 620-103)  1$106.02Add to Cart
620-102CM88487Rotor Bearing, Outboard  1$7.67Add to Cart
620-103CM88486Rotor Bearing, Inboard  1$9.76Add to Cart
620-104CM20727Rotor Thurst Washer  1$1.26Add to Cart
620-105CM20302Motor End Cover  1$49.33Add to Cart
620-106CM20708Capacitor 115-1-50/60 Hoists1$20.11Add to Cart
CM20785Capacitor 220-1-50 Hoist1$20.11Add to Cart
620-107CM20352Main Frame (Includes 620-108 and 620-109)  1$121.92Add to Cart
620-108CM20705Liftwheel Seal  1$11.83Add to Cart
620-109CM88636Protector Bearing, Main Frame Side  1$11.98Add to Cart
620-110CM20709Cut Out Device 115-1-50/60 Hoists1$32.26Add to Cart
CM20786Cut Out Device 220-1-50 Hoists1$32.26Add to Cart
620-111CM20638Protector Assembly 12 fpm, 600 lbs.1$196.24Add to Cart
CM20645Protector Assembly 8 fpm, 500 & 600 lbs.1$196.24Add to Cart
CM20648Protector Assembly 20 fpm, 500 lbs1$196.24Add to Cart
CM20660Protector Assembly 16 fpm, 500 lbs.1$196.24Add to Cart
CM20661Protector Assembly 20 fpm, 600 lb.s.1$196.24Add to Cart
CM20662Protector Assembly 12 fpm, 1000 lbs.1$196.24Add to Cart
CM20665Protector Assembly 12 fpm 500 lbs.1$196.24Add to Cart
620-112CM88640Protector Thrust Washer  2$0.56Add to Cart
620-113CM20350Gear Housing (Includes 620-114 and 620-115)  1$109.57Add to Cart
620-114CM88636Protector Bearing, Main Frame Side  1$11.98Add to Cart
620-115CM88635First Pinion Bearing  1$33.75Add to Cart
620-116CM20419Brake Base Plate  1$24.48Add to Cart
620-117CM20722Brake Disc  1$18.02Add to Cart
620-118CM20420Brake Armature  1$17.38Add to Cart
620-119CM20776Brake Driver  1$26.61Add to Cart
620-120CM983976Brake Driver Pin  1$0.93Add to Cart
620-121CM20775Brake Leaf Spring  1$1.29Add to Cart
620-122CM20629Brake Field (Includes Brake Coil) 575-3-60 Hoists1$109.03Add to Cart
CM20658Brake Field (Includes Brake Coil) 220-1-50, 220-3-50/60, 380-3-50, 415-3-50 and 460-3-60 Hoists1$109.03Add to Cart
CM20659Brake Field (Includes Brake Coil) 115-1-50/60 Hoists1$109.03Add to Cart
620-123CM20887Brake Spring  1$4.16Add to Cart
620-124CM920740Brake Screw  4$0.71Add to Cart
620-125CM20700Pin Retainer Plate  1$5.63Add to Cart
620-126CM20743Pin Retainer Plate Screw  2$0.32Add to Cart
620-127CM20647Liftwheel and Gear Assembly 24 fpm, 250, 300 & 500 lbs.1$219.82Add to Cart
CM20657Liftwheel and Gear Assembly 20 fpm, 500 & 600 lbs.1$219.82Add to Cart
CM20664Liftwheel and Gear Assembly 16 fpm, 250, 300 & 500 lbs.1$180.30Add to Cart
CM20666Liftwheel and Gear Assembly 12 fpm, 500 lbs.1$180.30Add to Cart
620-128CM88637Liftwheel Bearing  2$18.61Add to Cart
620-129CM88638Liftwheel Thrust Washer  2$0.56Add to Cart
620-130CM20704Liftwheel Shaft Seal  1$2.47Add to Cart
620-131CM20306First Pinion and Shaft  1$55.79Add to Cart
620-132CM20323Brake End Cover  1$23.54Add to Cart
620-133CM20808 (SUPERSEDED BY 20957)Brake End Cover Screw If you order this part you will receive the part that it has been SUPERSEDED BY, 20957Hoists with contactor3$12.86Add to Cart
CM920715Brake End Cover Screw Hoists without contactor3$1.35Add to Cart
620-134CM920718Gear Housing Screw  4$0.32Add to Cart
620-135CM20701Gear Housing Screw Seal (no longer used)  4CALL FOR PRICE
620-136CM920720Frame Pin  2$0.40Add to Cart
620-137CM20650Hook (Includes 620-138)  1$31.06Add to Cart
620-138CM595522Hook Latch Kit  1$7.88Add to Cart
620-139CM20712Hook Retainer  1$3.55Add to Cart
620-140CM920725Hook Retainer Screw  1$1.28Add to Cart
620-141CM20304Chain Guide  1$33.92Add to Cart
620-142CM20729Gahin Guide/Stripper Pin  4$0.80Add to Cart
620-143CM20305Stripper  1$42.26Add to Cart
620-144CM85988Load Chain (Specify Length Req'd)  1$12.88Add to Cart
620-145CM20744Loose End Ring  1$0.48Add to Cart
620-146CM20319Chain Stop  1$27.13Add to Cart
620-147CM25858Chain Stop Screw  1$2.83Add to Cart
620-148CM20313Liftwheel Shaft  1$12.92Add to Cart
620-149CM88639Sheave Wheel Thrust Washer (Double Chained)  2$0.43Add to Cart
620-150CM20717Power Cord Grommet Hoists without contactor1$0.32Add to Cart
CM20779Power Cord Grommet Hoists with contactor1$3.52Add to Cart
620-151CM20608Power Cord 115-1-50/60 Hoists without contactor1$37.77Add to Cart
CM20628Power Cord 220-3-50/60, 380-3-50, 415-3-60, 460-3-60 and 575-3-60 Hoists1$98.45Add to Cart
CM20633Power Cord 220-1-50 Hoists1$98.34Add to Cart
CM20635Power Cord 115-1-50/60 Hoists with contactor1$49.32Add to Cart
620-152CM982877Power Cord Ground Screw  1$0.32Add to Cart
620-153CM20607Control Station and Cord Assembly (Includes station, cord, warning tag and upper grommet) 10 ft. lift, Orange1$321.30Add to Cart
CM20615Control Station and Cord Assembly (Includes station, cord, warning tag and upper grommet) 15 ft. lift, Orange1$329.63Add to Cart
CM20616Control Station and Cord Assembly (Includes station, cord, warning tag and upper grommet) 20 ft. lift, Orange1$353.29Add to Cart
CM20642Control Station and Cord Assembly (Includes station, cord, warning tag and upper grommet) 10 ft. lift, Black1$255.18Add to Cart
CM20643Control Station and Cord Assembly (Includes station, cord, warning tag and upper grommet) 15 ft. lift, Black1$312.12Add to Cart
CM20644Control Station and Cord Assembly (Includes station, cord, warning tag and upper grommet) 20 ft. lift, Black1$472.01Add to Cart
620-154CM920719Motor Cover Screw  1$1.26Add to Cart
620-155CM20758Caution Label  1$2.47Add to Cart
620-156CM20739Hook Block (Double Chained)  2$10.52Add to Cart
CM20995BHook Block (Single Chained)  2$9.51Add to Cart
620-157CM920724Hook Block Screw (Double Chained)  2$1.39Add to Cart
CM920730Hook Block Screw (Single Chained)  2$1.16Add to Cart
620-159CM23030Hook (Includes 620-138)  1$29.99Add to Cart
CM40618Latchlok Hook  1$181.25Add to Cart
620-160CM20714Dead End Plate (Double Chained)  1$10.52Add to Cart
620-161CM920720Frame Pin  1$0.40Add to Cart
620-162CM20652Sheave Wheel w/620-164 (Double Chained)  1$180.11Add to Cart
620-163CM20318Sheave Wheel Shaft (Double Chained)  1$11.11Add to Cart
620-164CM88641Sheave Wheel Bearing (Double Chained)  1$41.13Add to Cart
620-165CM88639Sheave Wheel Thrust Washer (Double Chained)  2$0.43Add to Cart
620-166CM20610Jumper (#2)  1$3.24Add to Cart
620-167CM20609Jumper (Cap)  1$3.24Add to Cart
620-168CM73715Dead End Plate Screw (Double Chained)  2$1.26Add to Cart
620-169CM20737Capacity Warning Label 300 lbs.1$6.38Add to Cart
CM20738Capacity Warning Label 600 lbs.1$6.38Add to Cart
CM20762Capacity Warning Label 250 lbs.1$6.38Add to Cart
CM20763Capacity Warning Label 500 lbs.1$6.38Add to Cart
CM20884Capacity Warning Label 1,000 lbs.1$5.87Add to Cart
620-171CM24842label  2$1.44Add to Cart
620-172CM20753ShopStar Label  1$6.38Add to Cart
620-173CM920756Connector (Specify No. Req'd)  1$0.40Add to Cart
620-174CM20755Gasket  1$2.91Add to Cart
620-176CM20667Control Cord Assembly (includes cord, strain relief and warning tag) 10 ft. lift, Orange1$80.16Add to Cart
CM20668Control Cord Assembly (includes cord, strain relief and warning tag) 15 ft. lift, Orange1$105.02Add to Cart
CM20669Control Cord Assembly (includes cord, strain relief and warning tag) 20 ft. lift, Orange1$129.85Add to Cart
CM20675Control Cord Assembly (includes cord, strain relief and warning tag) 10 ft. lift, Black1$118.61Add to Cart
CM20676Control Cord Assembly (includes cord, strain relief and warning tag) 15 ft. lift, Black1$197.08Add to Cart
CM20677Control Cord Assembly (includes cord, strain relief and warning tag) 20 ft. lift, Black1$254.52Add to Cart
620-177CM20333Frame Spacer  1$48.80Add to Cart
620-178CM20787Contactor (includes power jumpers) 48 VAC Coils1$217.20Add to Cart
CM20814Contactor (includes power jumpers) 115 VAC Coils1$237.35Add to Cart
620-179CM20777Components Board, Outboard  1$3.95Add to Cart
620-180CM20778Components Board, Inboard  1$4.72Add to Cart
620-181CM20831Transformer 115 Volt Secondary (230/460 primary)1$127.05Add to Cart
CM20834Transformer 48 Volt Secondary (460 primary)1$127.05Add to Cart
CM20851Transformer 48 Volt Secondary (220/380 primary)1$52.95Add to Cart
CM20866Transformer 48 Volt Secondary (575 primary)1$127.05Add to Cart
CM20876Transformer 115 Volt Secondary (575 primary)1CALL FOR PRICE
620-182CM20789Diode Assy  1$9.07Add to Cart
620-183CM20780Control Cord Plug  1$2.55Add to Cart
620-184CM20781Power Cord Plug  1$2.32Add to Cart
620-185CM20332Contactor Jumper (Specify No. Req'd)  1$0.69Add to Cart
620-186CM24652Control Station with retainer, screws and grommet  1$241.12Add to Cart
620-187CM20861Voltage Suppressor 230-3-50/60, 380-3-50 and 460-3-60 Hoists1$4.49Add to Cart
CM20869Voltage Suppressor 575-3-60 Hoists1CALL FOR PRICE
620-188CM20641Ground Jumper  1$11.11Add to Cart
620-193CM20723Brake Spacer  1$11.02Add to Cart
620-196CM940802lockwasher  2$0.76Add to Cart

2 Button CM36900 Push-button Station

Standard push-button station is contoured for operator comfort allowing easy one-handed sure grip control and provided with a weatherproof NEMA-4X enclosure.

Click here for the new style Single Speed Pendant Assembly

Click here for the new style Two Speed Pendant Assembly

For Complete Push Button Station and Cable Assemblies Click Below

 1$129.99Add to Cart
624-301CM36989grommet  1$3.97Add to Cart
624-304CM36988button assembly  1$14.65Add to Cart
624-307CM36987single speed contactor assembly  1$33.12Add to Cart