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1 Ton Harrington Lever Hoist - LB Series Come Along

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1 Ton Harrington Lever Hoist - LB Series Come Along

Select the lifting height you require. Standard lift is 5'.
Base Price: $370.94
Customized Price: $370.94

  • 5 ft.

Harrington LB Heavy Duty Lever Puller 1 Ton Capacity

Harrington's LB lever hoists combine easy operation with a compact, low headroom design that easily handles real-world demands. Rated the number 1 selling lever hoist in the U.S., these hoists can be used horizontally, vertically, inverted or at any other load angle and have the strength to get the job done.

  • Capacities and Lift - 3/4 ton to 9 ton capacities. 5ft lift is standard.
  • Lifting- Grade 100 heat-treated load chain is nickel plated for corrosion resistance. Forged and heat-treated alloy steel hooks open slowly without fracturing under excessive loads. Top and bottom hooks rotate 360°. Test certificate verifies that every hoist has been factory load tested to 125% of rated capacity, in accordance with ASME B30.21 requirements.
  • Durability - Ensure long life with machined, heat-treated, split load double reduction gears.
  • Braking - Get positive braking action with Weston-style load brake incorporating two moisture-resistant brake pads with four braking surfaces. Includes two brake pawlsfor additional reliability. Enjoy protection against dirt and moisture with a totally enclosed brake mechanism.
  • Handle- Equipped with standard rubber grip for non-slip operation. Operate in close quarters with short handle and 15-degree recovery strokes.
  • Model: Capacity: Body Type: Pull to lift Load: Weight:
    LB 1 Ton Steel 72lb 14lb