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1/2 Ton Dayton - Coffing Electric Hoist - 16 or 32 fpm, Single or Three Phase

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1/2 Ton Dayton - Coffing Electric Hoist - 16 or 32 fpm, Single or Three Phase

1/2 Ton Dayton - Coffing Electric Hoist - 16 or 32 fpm, Single or Three Phase

Lift Speed
Select the lift speed you require. All lift speeds are rated in foot/minute.
Electrical Phase
Available in either Single or Three Phase.
Select the lifting height you require. Standard lift is 10' with 6' control cord length. Note: The control cord is always 4' less the lift. If you require a different control cord length call us to customize.
Suspension Option
Select the suspension option you want
Base Price: $1,609.14
Customized Price: $1,609.14

  • 16 fpm (1/2 HP)
  • Single Phase (115v)
  • 10 ft.
  • Rigid Hook

*Coffing hoists and the Grainger Dayton electric hoists are comparable in functionality and composition, the only difference is the color and the label. Both hoists are manufactured by the same company but branded differently for their various resellers. We have the Coffing JLC and its the product we offer in place of the Dayton.*

1/2 Ton Dayton Electric Chain Hoist (Chain Container Included)

Customizable Options: Phase, Lift, Suspension (Note: Control Cord will be 4' less than lift selected)

Coffing's JLC line of electric chain hoists combine new design features with standard features that put the JLC at the Five-Pocket Load Sheave – Increased chain and sheave engagement 25% over hoists with conventional four-pocket sheaves. Provides smoother lifting and reduces chain wear.

  • Mechanical Overload Protection Device – Helps protect hoist, operator, and supporting structures from damaging overloads, chain jamming and reverse phasing.
  • Limit Switches – Adjustable to regulate upper and lower load travel. Brass nuts standard for improved repeatability and chain positioning.
  • Multiple Disc Motor Brake – Heavy duty design for reliable operation. Direct acting for positive load holding and spotting.
  • Chain End Stop Assembly – Fits below dead end link on lifting chain for added measure of protection.
  • Oil Bath Transmission – Precision machined alloy steel gears run in oil bath for longer, quieter operation.
  • Wrap-Around Side Plates – Act as safety lugs and as bumpers to protect wheels. Available to fit American Standard I-Beams, wide-flange, and patented track beams.
  • JLC: 1016 - 1/2 Ton 1032 - 1/2 Ton
    Lift Speed: 16fpm 32fpm
    Voltage: 115V or 230/460V 115V or 230/460V
    Hp: 1/2 1
    Weight 79lb 92lb