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3 Ton Yale Electric Hoist - 10 fpm, Three Phase, KELC

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3 Ton Yale Electric Hoist - 10 fpm, Three Phase, KELC

3 Ton Yale Electric Hoist - 10 fpm, Three Phase, KELC

Select the lifting height you require. Standard lift is 10' with 6' control cord length. Note: The control cord is always 4' less the lift. If you require a different control cord length call us to customize.
Suspension Option
Select the suspension option you want
Hoist Accessories
KELC extras that do not come stock with the hoist

Food Grade Lubrication [Add $98.88]

Clean hoist, no paint [Add $52.53]

FDA Approved Epoxy Enamel Paint(white only) [Add $1,315.31]

Patented Track-3-1/4" [Add $337.84]

Two-speed trolley [Add $351.23]

Trolley Brake [Add $429.51]

Weatherproofing(trolley) NEMA 4 [Add $322.39]

Larger Chain Container
required only for lifts greater than 20'
Optional container for lifts greater than 20'. Lifts greater than 20' do not include a chain container.
Substitute Large Chain Container

Base Price: $3,649.42
Customized Price: $3,782.29

  • 10 ft.
  • Swivel Hook
  • None
  • Substitute Large Chain Container

Yale KELC3-10*10S; 3 Ton Electric Hoist. Single Speed, 2.5 HP, 10 f/m lift speed, Fabric Chain Container Included.

Customizable Options: Phase, Lift, Suspension (Note: Control Cord will be 4' less than lift selected)

When value is the ultimate goal, products from Yale Hoists provide the solution. Hoists for heavy-duty applications provide power and durability at an economical price. Yale Hoists and accessories withstand the rigors of heavy service, yet require minimal maintenance and are easy to service.

  • Heavy Duty Motor Brake - AC spring set disc brake for positive braking action and long life with minimal maintenance. Easy 1-step adjustment procedure.
  • Gearing - Totally enclosed, oil bath lubricated for long life.
  • High Torque, Heavy Duty Hoist Motor - Motors are H4 30-minute rated with class "F" insulation and include a thermal actuated switch-(TAS) embedded in the motor winding for protection.
  • Load Sprocket & Chain Guide - Provided with a full floating chain guide that assures proper engagement of chain on load sprocket.
  • Lower Block - Provided with a 360° rotating hook riding on thrust bearings. As standard, the hook is provided with a spring-loaded latch.
  • Push-Button Controls - Standard push-button control station is contoured for operator comfort allowing easy one-handed sure grip control and provided with a weatherproof NEMA-4X enclosure. The push-button cable is provided with built-in strain relief to help prevent cable damage.
  • Suspension - Hook suspension permits portability of the hoist while lug suspension reduces headroom and can be used with any of their rigid-mount trolleys. New design allows easy change out of either hook or lug suspension.
  • Paddle Limit Switch - Paddle upper and lower control limit switch standard on all hoists.
  • Powder Coat Finish - Provides a long lastingdurable finish and added resistance to corrosive environments.
  • KELC - 3 Ton
    Lift Speed: Voltage: Hp: Weight
    10fpm 230/460V 2 1/2 146lb